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Welcome to the Fraud Intelligence Blockchain (FIB) documentation.

FIB is a blockchain-based platform designed to combat fraud in various industries, including telecommunications, finance, and e-commerce.

This platform provides a secure and decentralized system for storing and sharing fraud-related information among participants to prevent potential fraudulent activities.

FIB operates on the Iroha 2 Hyperledger blockchain and uses smart contracts to automate the exchange of fraud intelligence data. This platform enables organizations to securely share and access real-time information about known fraud events and other relevant data, allowing them to identify potential fraud attempts quicker and more accurately.

Where to start?

If you are new to FIB, start with the Overview section, which provides a high-level introduction to the technology. This section explains what the FIB is, how it works, and other related concepts and terms.

For instructions on how to get started with the FIB, see the Getting Started section. This section covers everything from setting up your FIB account to accessing the API, and integrating it into your existing workflows and systems.

For assistance with FIB Web UI, try the Tutorials: Web UI section that walks you through basic operations that you can perform using the web interface.

If you're looking for step-by-step guidance on how to interact with the FIB API, check out the Tutorials: API section where you can find a variety of scenarios to help you get started with the API.

Finally, the API Specification section provides technical specification for the available endpoints explaining their internals exhaustively.

What is Iroha 2?

Iroha 2 is a blockchain hyperledger used to manage accounts, assets, and on-chain data storage with efficient smart contracts. The ledger is written in Rust and provides the following SDKs:

Check out the Iroha 2 Documentation as it provides an introduction to Iroha 2 as well as language-specific guides for Bash, Python, Rust, Kotlin/Java, and Javascript/TypeScript.

Getting help

If, at any point, you’re experiencing any issues, please submit them at Fraud Intelligence Blockchain Freshdesk. Upon review, someone will get back to you to resolve the issue.

Additionally, you may contact FIL via email at

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